10 Proven Health Benefits of Blueberries

10 Proven Health Benefits of Blueberries

Being from the family of berries, blueberries are considered as a super-food which should be included in routine diet due to its health benefits. Some of the benefits of blueberries are briefly discussed here under for your consideration.

Blueberries are low in calories and high in nutrition

Blueberries are a rich source of nutrition as a cup of berries can provide you with carbohydrates up to almost 15 grams but very fewer calories. Initially, blueberries appear in green color which turns up into blue when they are ripe. Commonly two types of blueberries are found in the market including wild or low-bush blueberries and high-bush blueberries. Both of these blueberries are rich in certain antioxidants. Nutrients found in a cup of blueberries may include 24% of the RDI vitamin C, 36% vitamin k and 25% manganese along with 4-gram fiber and 85% water.

Blueberries are the richest source of antioxidants

Among all the fruits and vegetables it is believed that the level of antioxidants in blueberries is the highest. Polyphenols antioxidants known as flavonoids are the main antioxidants found in blueberries. They can protect your body from the unstable molecules of free radicals which can cause cancer or premature aging by damaging your cells. Anthocyanins are another type of flavonoids found in blueberries which can be beneficial for your overall health.

Blood pressure can be regulated by Blueberries

Your high blood pressure can be lowered down by eating blueberries. In this way, they can avoid the risk of heart problems caused by high blood pressure. It has been proved through studies that consuming 50 grams of blueberries per day can reduce the risk of heart diseases caused by high blood pressure by 4-6%.

Blueberries prevent cancer and early aging

Blueberries can increase the longevity of your age as well as reduce the risk of cancer by reducing the damage of DNA cells. DNA cells occur in each cell of your body thousands of times every day to make you feel healthy and young. But they also damage in routine due to their oxidation and you start looking older. Being rich in antioxidants blueberries can reduce the oxidation of DNA cells as well as the risk of cancer and premature aging.

Blueberries protect heart health

It has been proved through various studies that Blueberries can maintain the health of your heart as well as reduce the risk of stroke by regulating the levels of blood pressure and cholesterol. Though they may not affect the actual heart problem but control the factors that can cause these problems.

Blueberries manage the level of cholesterol

The damage caused by oxidation is not limited to the DNA cells but also the level of cholesterol in your body. The oxidation of LDL or bad cholesterol can cause heart problems. Blueberries help in avoiding such risks by reducing the level of LDL in your body and chances of its oxidation with the help of antioxidants found in them.

Blueberries increase memory and cognition

The health of your brain can affect your cognitive powers. Your brain can start aging faster due to oxidative stress which can adversely affect your memory and cognition. You can reduce the damage of brain cells and improve the health of your brain by eating blueberries with the help of anthocyanins present in them.

Blueberries are anti-diabetic

The sugar content is very less in blueberries as compared to other fruits. It has been suggested by various researchers that you can improve your sensitivity to insulin as well as the metabolism of glucose as well as reduce the risk of type-2 diabetes in your body by eating blueberries. Moreover, bioactive compounds found in blueberries can also help in controlling the effect of blood sugar on your body.

Blueberries decrease muscle damage after a workout

Your muscles get soBlueberriesre and fatigued after intense exercise due to inflammation in the tissues of the muscles and oxidative stress. This damage to muscles can be reduced and their resistance can be enhanced by eating blueberries.

Blueberries treat infection in the urinary tract

Infection in the urinary tract is a very common problem in women. This problem can be treated effectively by eating blueberries due to the presence of certain anti-adhesive substances in them. These substances create a binding layer on the bladder wall to prevent infection-causing bacteria, E.Coli.

Thus, blueberries offer a number of health benefits.

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