10 Surprising Benefits of Honeydew Melon

10 Surprising Benefits of Honeydew Melon

Honeydew melon seems to be a melon family member. Normally it is round with a light green skin. It is harvested in semiarid areas and is typically mixed into salads with a savory and sweet flesh. This fruit is filled with lots of nutrients, besides its soft, lightly colored peel and tasty flesh. These are typically small in the amount of calories. If you eat 177 g of the honeydew melon then you will get just 64 calories, almost without fat and zero cholesterol. Therefore, 6% of the daily fiber intake allows you to feel healthy, mainly if you need to lose some weight.

10 Surprising Benefits of Honeydew Melon

Honeydew melon has always been high in 12% DV potassium that is found in the blood pressure and heart rate regulation cells and body fluids. For the body to conduct its activities, potassium is necessary to compensate for another type of electrolyte, sodium. Honeydew melon contains a decent amount (1% DV), iron, copper, manganese and phosphorous (2% DV) of calcium and zinc. For all cells, iron is present and functions as an oxygen carrier all over the body. The body’s lack of iron will lead to anemia that can damage body organs further. Another vital mineral, phosphorus, helps to control the body’s absorption of calcium and regular activity of cells.

Control Diabetes

This fruit has characteristics that regulate the development of insulin in the body. Diabetes is an outcome of high blood glucose levels due to insufficient body insulin production or body failure to respond from insulin or both. In addition to its calming insulin, honeydew melon is, given its sweet flavor, very minimal in glucose. In addition to its sweet taste, glucose consumption will be limited, which reduces the chances of diabetes.

Good Fruit for Pregnant Women

The body needs a higher vitamin and mineral supply during pregnancy. This would be the stage in which the highest nutrient content will apply to your body as immunity is typically lower than normal. More nutrients than ever before should be supplied to the body. In general during pregnancy, honeydew melon provides the specific nutrients to the body.

Increase Immunity

A vitamin C in the body that plays an important role in a stronger immune system suffices for the Honeydew melon. The body is able to battle abnormal bacteria, excess fat growth and diseases on its own if the immune system is good enough. You won’t have to think unnecessarily about being ill. Study has shown that this fruit provides the vitamin C requirement to 34% to the body.

Protect Eyes

Lutein and zeaxanthin, which can be found in honeydew melon, are some of the main phytonutrients required by the skin. The general health of the eye increases lutein and zeaxanthin and results in improved vision and lower risk of associated eye conditions such as cataracts, ARMD or macular maturity level-related degeneration, age-related blindness.

Give You Healthy Skin

Honeydew melon contains vitamin C which controls the development and growth of collagen in the body and increases it. This is the type of protein that restores and nourishes skin tissues and vessels, which is essential to keeping skin healthy, smooth and young. On a cellular basis collagen provide you the smoothly skin. If you want wonderful skin, eat a lot of honeydew melon better.

Moisturizes The body

The family of melon fruits has documented high water content. Not only is this fruit high in water 90%, the body also has daily water levels with a lot of potassium. It seems this fruit is common during the summer and during warm sunny days, as it maintains the body moisturized and quenches quickly simultaneously. This moisturizes the body fastly.

Reduce Weight

Honeydew melon is abundant in digestive fiber that helps to reduce the excess amount of cholesterol in the body. Better digestion allows you to adequately and rapidly digest the food intake to enable daily bowel movement. That reduces the probability of digestive problems including constipation. Honeydew melon is also small in calories, apart from its fiber quality. This is perfect for those who would like to keep their bodies balanced.

Good for Bone

A strong folate source is the honeydew melon. For the breakdown of homocysteine, folate is necessary whose higher concentrations are related to a lower bone mineral density. Eating foods containing folate, such as honeydew, may promote healthy bones by ensuring that homocysteine levels remain within the normal range, but further work is required to draw definitive conclusions about the relationship between folate and bone health.

Decrease Blood Pressure

For particular, a sodium diet and a sufficient intake of potassium may have a positive effect on the control of blood pressure. Since honeydew melons are a fruit that is low in sodium and high in potassium, they can help you keep blood pressure stable.

Contain More Nutrients

Honeydew melon provides a huge variety of plant substance and nutrients that can contribute to its many beneficial effects. The fruit in honeydew and the seed provide even high-power compounds such as beta-carotene, phytoene, quercetin and caffeine acid.


You will want to consider including this sweet fruit in your diet because of all the health advantages of consuming honeydew melons and their abundance in vitamins and minerals. Few quick ways to eat honeydew are fruit salad, fruit milkshakes. While the aim to increase your sugar consumption through fruit is daunting, particularly if you have a diet or diabetes, in foods such as honeydew melon you can lose the fear of natural sugar.

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