5 Health Benefits of Pomegranate

5 Health Benefits of Pomegranate

Pomegranate is a fruit that has a hard round cover with red-yellow skin. The inner seeds resemble ruby-like gem that is known as arils, and they can be eaten juiced or raw. Pomegranates are rich in fibers along with vitamins A, B, C, and minerals such as iron, potassium, and calcium.

The two elements present in pomegranates, punicic acid and punicalagin, are responsible for the benefits of pomegranate. They have antioxidant properties three times more than that of green tea and red wine. Here are the 5 health benefits of pomegranate. This fruit benefits your skin, mind and body.

Improves Athletic Performance

According to a study conducted by a reputed organization, it was found out that the antioxidant content found in raw pomegranate an pomegranate juice, significantly improve aerobic and endurance performance in athletes.

These tests were done after athletes were given about 500 milliliters of pomegranate juice for 15 days straight. Another study further holds the claim that the pomegranate extracts can improve the performance in about 30 minutes after consuming. These were for sports that involve intermittent running.

During training sessions, the body experiences several stress levels. However, these can be improved by the intake of pomegranate as it contains nitrates, polyphenols, and quercetin. Pomegranates do contain Gallic acid that can help you in recovering from injury, which is caused during the training sessions.

Have Anti-inflammatory Qualities

Does pomegranates have anti-inflammatory properties? Yes, they do have such effects. Various studies have been conducted by many types of research to find out about the potentialities of pomegranate in having anti-inflammatory properties.

Initially, some researches have indicated that pomegranates may help in fighting inflammation that has occurred in the gut. However, some other studies have researched deep into the potency of the anti-inflammatory effects of the punicic acid present on the seeds of this fruit. Those studies have shown that pomegranate seed oil could cure breast cancer cells.

Another study has reported that patients who have type 2 diabetes were allowed to consume its juice every day. After 12 weeks, they showed lowered markers of inflammation in the blood. More research needs to be conducted for claiming that pomegranate has great anti-inflammatory effects.

Lowers Blood Pressure and Reduces the Chances of Heart Diseases

A study that was conducted in 2013, found that pomegranate has the properties of reducing lower blood pressure. The study was done on patients with hypertension and was given around 150 milliliters of its juice for 2 weeks on a daily basis.

Another research that was conducted around 2005 has shown that drinking pomegranate juice, may improve the flow of blood to the heart. These tests were done on patients that have coronary heart disease. All these results are very promising and prove that pomegranate indeed has certain qualities.

But, as pointed out by many researchers, these studies were conducted on a very limited number of participants and has to be replaced by a larger group of people before everyone holds that the claims were confirmed.

It Improves Memory and Boosts Brain Function

Pomegranates are believed to improve the overall brain functionalities by keeping it healthier. The fruit has an abundance of polyphenols, which makes it perfect for curing neurodegenerative conditions.

However, research about how pomegranate may affect your cognitive functions is still in its early stages. With the help of a few participants that have milder memory complaints, 8oz of the juice every day was given to them. After 4 weeks, there has been an improvement in visual and verbal tasks.

Some other studies also indicate that the juice can create cognitive functions in mice. More research has to be done before confirming this very claim that pomegranates improves the brain’s functionality.

Have Anti-cancer Properties

Pomegranate has certain properties that can prevent the cancer cells from spreading further. The presence of antioxidants found in pomegranates called flavonoids, act against cancer-causing radicals. It even fights with the existing cancer cells in the body.

Over the years certain types of cancer have become very common, and the experts recommend that consumption of pomegranate is crucial for staying on the safe side. Some studies have indicated that it can help in reducing the formation of breast cancer cells.


Because of the presence of nutrients and phytochemicals in it, along with the benefits of pomegranate, it has become quite popular. Consumed as juice, extract, supplements, and the fruit itself, pomegranate needs to have an addition to your everyday diet.

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