Benefits of Eating Bananas Daily

Benefits of Eating Bananas Daily

Though you can find a number of food items that can instantly boost your energy levels like Malpua, kheer, payasam, halwa, paniyaram, and sheera, etc. But if you are searching for raw fruits and vegetables then bananas can be one of the best in this regard. Bananas are not only among the very delicious fruits but also extremely healthy fruits. They have a number of essential nutrients that can provide a number of health benefits like weight loss and improved digestion etc.

According to expert dieticians, bananas are a good source of vitamin B6, vitamin C, manganese magnesium, potassium, copper and dietary fibers. They are also good for your health because virtually they are sodium-free, fat-free and cholesterol-free.

In this write-up, we are going to discuss the benefits of banana nutrition and banana calories.

Moderate The Levels Of Blood Sugar

Moderate the levels of Blood Sugar

Bananas can give a spongy structure to your skin because of the richness of pectin, a kind of fiber, in it. The starch contained in the unripe bananas can improve your digestion due to their soluble fiber. Both starch and pectin can moderate the levels of blood sugar in your body and help in reducing your appetite by emptying your stomach slowly. Moreover, low to medium level of GI or glycemic index of bananas can control the levels of blood sugar as required. The GI of unripe bananas can be up to 30 whereas of ripe bananas nearly 60. In this way, for healthy people, bananas may not cause major changes in their blood sugar levels but for people with high blood sugar levels, it can be more beneficial to eat bananas. But people with type 2 diabetes should avoid eating a lot of ripe bananas without monitoring their blood sugar levels.

Improve Digestive System

Eating bananas can improve your digestive system due to their dietary fibers. Bananas are a good source of fiber as nearly 3-gram fiber is found in a medium-size banana. There are two types of fiber in bananas including resistant starch and pectin. Resistant starch is found in unripe bananas and pectin in ripe bananas. Your digestion avoids resistant starch which goes to the large intestine where beneficial bacteria in your gut eat it. Pectin can help in protecting you from the risk of colon cancer, according to various researches.

Help In Weight Loss

Though the direct effect of bananas on weight loss has not been proved but they can be considered as friendly food to lose weight due to its various features. Bananas are very nutritious fruit as banana calories are comparatively low. Moreover, you can lower your body weight effectively by eating fibrous fruits and vegetables like bananas. If you eat unripe banana then it can reduce your appetite by making you feel full for a longer time due to the richness of resistant starch in them

Improve Heart Health

The mineral, potassium, can help in controlling your blood pressure along with taking care of the health of your heart. Being a good source of potassium many people include bananas in their routine diet as almost 9% of the total banana nutrition is potassium in a medium-sized banana. The richness of potassium in bananas can also help in reducing the risk of heart problems up to 27% as well as that of high blood pressure. Moreover bananas can also take care of heart health due to the presence of a good amount of magnesium in them.

Power Of Antioxidants

Like other vegetables and fruits, bananas are also a good source of antioxidants found in food items. Catechins and dopamine are some of the antioxidants found in abundance in bananas. In this way, bananas can provide you a number of health benefits due to the antioxidants found in them. They can reduce the risk of degenerative health problems and heart problems. However, dopamine in the bananas cannot provide feel-good chemicals to your brain as it cannot cross the barrier between blood and brain. Yet, these antioxidants are strong enough to reduce the risk of various health problems.

Thus you can avail of a number of health benefits by eating bananas in daily routine. A high level of banana nutrition and a low level of banana calories can help in improving various aspects of your overall health.

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